Review of the best Music Tip Sheets


A music tip sheet is a research service that provides information about recording artists, film or TV projects looking for music. Also often referred to as who’s looking lists, music casting calls and song tipsheets, they are an absolute must-have in every songwriter’s, music publisher’s and record producer’s toolkit. Without that information, you cannot be effective as an active songwriter or music publisher.  Be prepared to spend around $400 a year for a quality tip sheet.


There are two types of leads: solicited and unsolicited. Solicited means that a record label has openly publicized that they welcome submissions by any songwriter and publisher. Unsolicited means that a record label prefers to work only with people they know and trust, or people who have been introduced by trusted sources. However, all that means that you have to learn how to network and break down doors for your music to be heard. 90% of the best pitch opportunities are typically unsolicited, and not openly publicized. The best tip sheets uncover unsolicited leads.


Here are a couple of professional tip sheets that we have subscribed to over the past couple of years:


Name of the tip sheet:  myHitOnline


Price: $395 per year

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Review of myHitFactory tip sheet:

The myHitOnline tip sheet features information about major label artists, films, TV shows and advertising campaigns looking for music. The service features solicited and unsolicited leads, and is geared toward serious music industry professionals, i.e. professional music publishers and songwriters. In January 2008, the tip sheet published over 400 leads, of which ~ 350 were for signed artists. The myHitOnline site has an online song catalogue and professional music pitch system that allows you to send links to your songs to A&Rs.



Name of the tip sheet: Songlink


Price: $385 - $475 per year

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Review of Songlink tip sheet:    

Launched in 1993, the Songlink tip sheet was founded by David Stark and is one of the oldest tip sheets in the industry.  The tip sheet features pitch opportunities in Europe and the USA, and lists both unsigned and signed recording artists looking for music.  Songlink has a partnership with Song Wanted (run by Ellie Weinert in Germany).  Mailed out via email and snail mail once a month, Songlink provides only solicited leads, that is, it only lists leads by artists and labels that have specifically requested music from Songlink members. The advantage is that those artists and labels are more likely to listen to music submitted by Songlink members. The disadvantage is that the majority of the leads listed in the Songlink tip sheet are for unsigned artists. Few major label artists are featured in the tip sheet. You will find 50 to 70 opportunities a month, of which 50 to 70% are for unsigned artists.



Name of the tip sheet: SongQuarters


Price:  $395 per year

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Review of SongQuarters tip sheet:

Launched in 2003, SongQuarters is a website featuring leads for recording artists. The site lists both unsigned and signed recording artists. In January 2008, SongQuarters featured ~ 90 active pitch opportunities, of which ~ 66 were for unsigned or developing artists. The leads listed are both solicited and unsolicited. The unsolicited leads include leads for major recording artists in Europe and the US. The service was one of the best, in our opinion, in the early years, but has since lost its steam a little bit. The quality and quantity of leads has declined in recent years.


Name of the tip sheet:  Taxi


Price: $299 per year + $5 per submission

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Review of Taxi tip sheet:

Founded in 1992, Taxi serves primarily aspiring songwriters and artists looking to place their music in film, TV and with recording artists. Unlike the other tip sheets mentioned, Taxi does not provide direct contact information for the companies and artists looking for music. Instead, all pitch opportunities are disguised (here’s an example: and all pitches are made electronically via the Broadjam ( service.  Taxi’s staff will then screen all submissions and only pass on songs suitable for a given pitch. The advantage of Taxi’s approach is that Taxi provides some quality control and doesn’t inundate music supervisors and A&Rs with unsuitable music for projects. The disadvantage is that Taxi members do not know to whom they are pitching and have another hurdle to overcome.  Taxi members appear to be successful with placing their music on film and TV shows, but few have placed their songs with recording artists. We are not aware of any artists that secure a record deal through Taxi. The service features several hundred leads every month.


Name of the tip sheet: Tunedata


Price: $750

Our Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Review of the Tunedata tip sheet:

Tunedata shut its doors in March 2007. The service used to be one of the leading tip sheets specializing in leads for films, TV shows and advertising. The downfall of the Tunedate service was the declining quality and quantity of pitch opportunities the service featured.